Together deep into
Ruben and Karine Bulgach

“Together deep into” is a joint project of a father and daughter, Ruben and Karine Bulgach. Ruben is an associate professor at the Department of Design and Architectural Environment, a teacher of architectural design at the Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Design. Karine is a stage designer at the Novosibirsk Academic Youth Theater Globus.

Afghan: phantom pains
Evgeny Ivanov

Thirty years have passed since the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. The era has changed, generations have grown up in Russia for which that war has become only a page in history. And many no longer understand what our troops were doing in a faraway country, for which 15,051 people died, 417 went missing, 54,000 were injured. But they honestly fulfilled their military duty and piously believed that all this was in the good of the Motherland. February 15, 1989 is considered the date of the end of the war.

Sound of color
Nadezhda Bondareva

“Nature will not have a second chance to make a first impression,” is the essence of Nadezhda Bondareva’s professional work. Everything in the process of working with a picture - from the choice of the plot to the technique of performance - this is the dynamic path of the master, this is a passionate dialogue breaking into the format of a fresh canvas and, of course, this is a musical story which is harmonious and sensual.

From search to discovery
Khvorova Daria, Valery Panov, Andrey Kurchenko

The All-Russian Literary Festival “White Spot” annually brings together brilliant writers, famous philologists, popular journalists, literary critics and editors to satisfy the ethical and aesthetic hunger of the reading audience.

On kinks
Mikhail Alabugin

“Yes, if the living body is cut into pieces, they will writhe in search of each other. And there is no other way out. ”, A. Solzhenitsyn from the story “On kinks ”

Katerina Brenchugina
10\10\18 – 18\11\18

In 2018, one of the most popular themes is pictures and photos of cats. Funny and cute pictures really help to cheer up. There is even an opinion that our Novosibirsk is a city of cat owners. Shelters, specialized cat cafes are opening, animals are loved and always striving to attach a street kitten in good hands.

A caring owner wants to tell him what a beautiful and cute pet he has, he puts photos on social networks: here is a cat playing with his favorite toy, and here the owner with a favorite read a book together.

Alexander Oshlakov
05\10\18 – 18\10\18

"The miracle of states turning into one another, this miracle of turning a sluggish caterpillar, a blunt pupa into a tender beautiful butterfly, deeply touched a man, became for him a likeness of his own spiritual transformations, gave him the hope that someday he would come off the ground and rise into the illuminated spheres of eternity. ”

E. Eppley, psychologist

Nature of women
Anastasia Bulkova

Photos presented at the exhibition reveal women's sexuality through Parallels and relationships with the natural environment with which a Woman is personified. The author of the works, Anastasia Bylkova, carefully examines the landscapes, finds subtle combinations of landscapes and external and internal manifestations of the female character, clearly builds the composition of the frame, in the center of which the figure of a Woman is multifaceted, mysterious, unshakable...

Usama ibn Munkiz. Exhibition of the artist's book
Mikhail Akimov

"Когда встречаешь такую книгу, сразу понимаешь, что нашел клад. Чтение этой книги - нескончаемое удовольствие и расстаться с ней - невозможно. Спасибо неумолимому времени, что сохранило ее в пыльном Эскуриале и неутомимому ученому Деленборгу, который нашел, перевел ее на французский и ввёл в научный оборот. Отдельное спасибо великолепному переводчику М. А. Салье, автору перевода "Тысячи и одной ночи". Ну и мне спасибо, хотя свое удовольствие я уже получил."
Михаил Акимов, автор книги, художник, 2017 год

A familiar pig
Mikhail Akimov

A series of posters by Mikhail Akimov "A Familiar Pig" is devoted to the problem of the relationship between man and nature. How often do we think about the environment? Do we remember the nature, except when we need to use its resources? Are we reasonable about the riches and beauties of our planet? And as if answering these eternal questions, Mikhail Akimov created posters, where behind ironic words and caricature images are exposed the wounds and pain not only of nature, but also of man himself.

Hello Everyone
Hospital clowns of the NOSE

"Hello Everyone!" - an exhibition project from the team of volunteers of the ANO "Hospital clowns of the NOSE", telling about the birth and development of this movement in Novosibirsk. On the bright everyday life of hospital clowns who have been visiting young patients and their parents for 5 years already.
Now hospital clowns can be found in 6 health facilities of the city and the region. To see "nosy" outside the walls of hospitals, you can once a year at the traditional family celebration "Above the NOSE".

Treasures of Siberia
Egor Vypov

The key theme of the exhibited jewelry is Siberia. Siberia is the main wealth of Russia. It impresses the whole world with its grandeur and generosity.

This collection is designed as a series of gifts for guests of Siberia, so they took with them and kept a piece of its most valuable treasures – Siberian primroses. The uniqueness of these works is that the author, inspired by the technologies of the old masters of jewelry and the beauty of the Siberian flora, created a collection that is very different from the usual popular jewelry.

Bird's Diary
Victoria Boyko
february 2018

How often let yourself to give up everything and just watch the world around you? Will you be pleased with the long-awaited accomplishments exactly as well as a walk with a friend, conversations seemingly about nothing, coffee in the morning? Where is the yardstick of the beautiful in your coordinate system? Viktor Boyko's exhibition project "Bird Diary" is a film of minor joys "shooting" at the heart.

Mack Taknado
10.0.18 - 24.07.18

Misha "Mack", graffiti and street art artist from the heart of Siberia, a member of the creative group TAKNADO, has long been studying the most that neither the "Siberian" theme. Finding and exploring regional identity, the author has long deduced the formulas of "Siberian" and shows them today to every viewer.

100 discoveries per minute
21.04.18 – 05.05.2018

Today, we are less and less surprised by different things, because we are accustomed to incredible phenomena even in everyday life. We rush through the circle of events with smiles or tears, with problems or joys ... and it seems that this race can not be stopped ... We are ready to admire and admire, only to choose the right moment in our lives for these feelings and emotions.

David Huynh

Each artist, in one way or another, forms a community: being a creator in the field of art, he is able by means of visual expression to express human feelings that have passed through the prism of his subjective life experience. However, he cannot be considered a teacher of virtue, a political leader or philosopher. The artist denounces human actions, but this does not mean that he himself can be considered a moral authority.

Anastasia Hermish
23.05.18 – 04.06.18

Attempts to understand what contemporary art is, happen all the time. The ideological currents in art are changing, they are becoming more and more, and every new utterance is less and less understood by uninitiated people. In the end, in order to make it easier to communicate without going deep into details, all these streams fall into the umbrella term "Contemporary Art".

cultural and educational project
01.06.16 - present time

The Art-laboratory is my unique project for those who love Art. Here you can learn the theoretical basis of modern and classical artistic styles, techniques, as well as try creative skills and create works of authorship. The project is held regularly at the Novosibirsk State Regional Scientific Library.


The greenhouse is a unique children's language studio of fine arts, created within the framework of the project "Educational workshops of the Union of Russian Artists".

The "Teplitsa" studio was created under the patronage of the Novosibirsk regional branch of the Union of Artists of Russia (NRO VTOO SXR)