cultural and educational project
01.06.16 - present time

The Art-laboratory is my unique project for those who love Art. Here you can learn the theoretical basis of modern and classical artistic styles, techniques, as well as try creative skills and create works of authorship. The project is held regularly at the Novosibirsk State Regional Scientific Library.

Art is a figurative comprehension of reality, which unites people of different professions, because it is based on cultural heritage. In the Art-laboratory, I invite library visitors to take part in creative lectures, master classes and meetings, where Art becomes an instrument of knowledge of the world. Simultaneously with the assimilation of new material, you explore new techniques of fine art.

Attending the activities of the Art-laboratory, you can:

  • get acquainted with the resources of the arts department on thematic master classes and creative lectures;
  • learn about modern and classical artistic processes;
  • learn about the new income of the Arts department;
  • master not only the practical skills of the fine arts, but also a model of thinking based on the perception of visual art.

For two years of the project I spent more than 60 creative events. In the Art-laboratory, I combine different forms of organizing the cognitive process using the resources of the Department of the Arts:

  1. A different-aged working group (there are no age restrictions, in addition to mastering the proposed material, learning communication is conducted on the "adult-child" model);
  2. Family education (the assimilation of knowledge occurs with the participation of the whole (or partially all) of the family in the educational process);
  3. Other forms.