Mack Taknado
10.0.18 - 24.07.18

Misha "Mack", graffiti and street art artist from the heart of Siberia, a member of the creative group TAKNADO, has long been studying the most that neither the "Siberian" theme. Finding and exploring regional identity, the author has long deduced the formulas of "Siberian" and shows them today to every viewer.

In this fresh summer exposition the author speaks about the most recognizable elements of the style, which today form the basis of the artist's creative utterances. You will start your movement from the hall where you will find the decoding of the symbols that make up the representational groups of Misha (this magician, it should be noted!). All these bumps, sables and bears will intertwine into a single network and lead you to the main, red-gold hall. Yes, nowadays we are already treating the Khokhloma painting as part of the archaic, however, in each of us, it echoes at the sight of intricate chiselled patterns. So! On the left hand - all the luxury of the Khokhloma frenzy, the boundless sea of gold and black velvet, and on the right - the most valuable landmarks of the artist's history, his routine sketch material, which today has become a significant asset! Moving forward, you go through the life and experience of the artist, open the veil of secrecy, understand the solutions through the shown searches. In general, you are lucky!

The extreme hall is the portal's crown, here you can form an integral impression from the diversity you see. Font, ornament and texture are added to your personal story, and the base colors will remind you that everything complicated is built from simple. Stop, watch, find in this part of yourself and keep looking! Misha is already in your heart! Together with part of the Siberian region!

And how did YOU become a part of it?