Bird's Diary

Bird's Diary
Victoria Boyko
february 2018

How often let yourself to give up everything and just watch the world around you? Will you be pleased with the long-awaited accomplishments exactly as well as a walk with a friend, conversations seemingly about nothing, coffee in the morning? Where is the yardstick of the beautiful in your coordinate system? Viktor Boyko's exhibition project "Bird Diary" is a film of minor joys "shooting" at the heart. This is a series of situations where you are accustomed to becoming participants by chance. But after all, you determine their value, warmth and texture. The author marks the simple as the most expensive. Vicki's diary is a chronicle of impressions. Today - a conversation with a friend, yesterday - a cup of espresso in a soft bed, tomorrow music and dancing. "And let the whole world wait" - a phrase that literally immerses in each story and stops looking at the frames offered in the exposition. Frame by frame, step by step, you rave, as if in the forest of impressions. This is a melody of moments - those that are in memory for 10 years and beyond, those that you remember when sad, hurt or hurt. Vika with the level of the magician kindles the warmth, heats with love for the present and gives birth to a personal association for everyone. Oh yes! And Vicky's people are not people at all, they are birds. When you can not talk, you observe, you love or hate, create or destroy, but without words. The bird is the image in which the author asks you to reincarnate and become an eyewitness of the events of the cadres. Look and sing or fly to other horizons.

Vika is eighteen, her world is now full of opportunities and the urgency of their incarnation. This is the time of observations and actions, statements and reactions. The characters you meet here are dissolved in the created environment. And the environment is seen in reality. These are buses, parks, training classes. But, look, what are they? Fabulous, incredible, attractive.

You will see dynamic frieze frames and hurrying heroes, closed, centripetal compositions about those who dig into themselves and seek an answer. You will notice portraits of the most important people for the artist and even recognize them. You will feel the aroma of coffee and touch your cheek to the pillow. You will love embodied images ... But I will be happy if you recognize yourself here and remember your warmest moment, smile ... call a friend, mother, son and say: "I miss."