Treasures of Siberia

Treasures of Siberia
Egor Vypov

The key theme of the exhibited jewelry is Siberia. Siberia is the main wealth of Russia. It impresses the whole world with its grandeur and generosity.

This collection is designed as a series of gifts for guests of Siberia, so they took with them and kept a piece of its most valuable treasures – Siberian primroses. The uniqueness of these works is that the author, inspired by the technologies of the old masters of jewelry and the beauty of the Siberian flora, created a collection that is very different from the usual popular jewelry. All the work you have been done literally with fire and hammer, with the use of time-tested techniques.

The author of the works, Egor Vypov, graphic designer, artist, has been engaged in jewelry business for several years, developing the stylistic identity of the Siberian region, looking for an effective plastic solution. Yegor is convinced that the harmony of rough material and subtle natural beauty can awaken a different perception of the world around each viewer of this exhibition.

The cornerstone of the exhibition is the interactivity of jewelry exhibits. On the opening day, the honored guests of the event will be invited to participate in the fashion shooting with the designer's jewelry.

Event сorganizer: Anna Efimtseva, LA Carrot Boutique events.

Fashion partner of the event: SOLOMA MARKET shop unique women's clothing from the Siberian designers.

Food partners: "Siberian Pirogi" Novosibirsk — pies in the best traditions of Siberia, tinctures of our own production from WOODY BAR | Novosibirsk .

Music: Motion House | DJ School | Novosibirsk

Information partners: business magazine Status, magazine " Author's Project. Top official." Nib.FM, online magazine about Siberia.

Beautiful models-participants of the fashion show:

- Svetlana Tarasova, Director of the regional scientific library

- Julia Zolotovskaya, President of the Association of oil Traders Siberia fuel

- Natalia Popova, organizer of the "Live Breakfast" project, Novosibirsk

- Olga Pavlenko, journalist, business magazine Status;

- Victoria Antonova, coach, business coach, co-owner of Zoom Zoom Studio

- Elena Gibert, fashion designer, artist

Olesya Porcine, psychologist, fitoterapevt, author of "На100ящая»

- Anna Nushik (Anush), artist, art blogger;

- Jan Wasowska, founder of the boutique events La Carrots, organizer of events

- Anastasia Bylkova, female photographer, photographer in the style of "drama", " Art-Nude»

- Irina Baghirova, actress, teacher, project Manager "Art USAD'ba»

- Anastasia Voevodina, model, photographer, blogger

- Valentina Pushkarskaya, fashion designer, "Noboby_designer" brand»

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