Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone
Hospital clowns of the NOSE

"Hello Everyone!" - an exhibition project from the team of volunteers of the ANO "Hospital clowns of the NOSE", telling about the birth and development of this movement in Novosibirsk. On the bright everyday life of hospital clowns who have been visiting young patients and their parents for 5 years already.

Now hospital clowns can be found in 6 health facilities of the city and the region. To see "nosy" outside the walls of hospitals, you can once a year at the traditional family celebration "Above the NOSE".

Prior to entering hospitals, all volunteers of the movement undergo special training. Learn to feel the atmosphere, the partner, the skill of improvisation and much more. It's not for nothing that the clowns themselves call the exits (so-called trips to the hospital) called a spacewalk. Nobody knows what will happen in the next room. All this is a great adventure and an exciting game, both for clowns, and for all who are in the ward.

"Red-nosed" is always open to the new and ready to support the game of partner and child. Because the clowns believe: "No one canceled the childhood in the hospital!"

We are glad to get acquainted.

Hello everyone!

The exhibition uses photos of hospital clowns Alexander Fefelov, Maria Karpeshkina, Anastasia Khandozhenko, Dana Ponomareva, Ilya Fedotenko, Tatiana Parfenteva and Yulia Radoshkevich.


The author of graphic paintings is Nastya Fursenko

The author of the texts is Anna Fateeva

The ideological inspiration - Nadezhda Bochkareva