A familiar pig

A familiar pig
Mikhail Akimov

A series of posters by Mikhail Akimov "A Familiar Pig" is devoted to the problem of the relationship between man and nature. How often do we think about the environment? Do we remember the nature, except when we need to use its resources? Are we reasonable about the riches and beauties of our planet? And as if answering these eternal questions, Mikhail Akimov created posters, where behind ironic words and caricature images are exposed the wounds and pain not only of nature, but also of man himself.

The artist has visited numerous expeditions around our country and abroad, where he had to see how people "kill" the planet on which they live - silly, thoughtlessly and surprisingly quickly. The roots of this disaster Mikhail Akimov sees the worst of human qualities, such as greed and indifference. People can defeat them only when they can tell themselves the truth, and the artist's task is to help them in this matter with a pencil and a brush.

The philosophy of Mikhail Akimov's posters is multilevel, and behind a playful glance the deep thought and sharp prick in our conscience is guessed. "But what exactly is this approach and what is needed to solve the problems of nature protection? Do not "suck at the embrasure" with dry laws, but with self-irony and morality - by indifference and anthropocentrism, self-righteousness and stupidity. Maybe that's how we'll save nature, and ourselves in it. "

Posters at the exhibition are presented from simple to complex. First, the artist, "playing with the audience," shows the usual images, then, expanding the boundaries of the genre, draws the viewer into his philosophical game, and in the end brings down on him the "ice shower" of revelations. All posters have a single form of reading: the top slogan is a problem that does not have an immediate solution; lower - the way to solve it on a personal level; The text inside the poster is associated with the depicted plot. So it turns out an artistic composition that gives a stereoscopic picture.

About the artist:

Mikhail Akimov was born in Moscow in 1964. He graduated from the school with a biological bias, engaged in a circle of young biologists and local lore (KUBIK). In 1990 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Architecture. Participated in polar expeditions to the island of Kolguev and the Solovetsky Islands. He worked in animation, documentary, engaged in the design of public interiors, monumental art and book graphics. Member of the Moscow Union of Artists. In 2012, a series of exhibitions of the artist about Alexander Pushkin in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Lives and works in Moscow.