Nature of women

Nature of women
Anastasia Bulkova

Photos presented at the exhibition reveal women's sexuality through Parallels and relationships with the natural environment with which a Woman is personified. The author of the works, Anastasia Bylkova, carefully examines the landscapes, finds subtle combinations of landscapes and external and internal manifestations of the female character, clearly builds the composition of the frame, in the center of which the figure of a Woman is multifaceted, mysterious, unshakable... All photos are made in a monochrome range, which brings us back to the classics of cinema, gives the aroma of coffee, circling in the rhythm of the waltz, gives birth to nostalgia. This exhibition is for those who want to look at themselves as an integral part of nature, to find the true purpose and compare reality with dreams.

Dress code: black and white

Organizers of the exhibition: boutique events La ' Carrot, creative space Artel, Anna Galeeva

About the author:

Anastasia Bylkova has been actively involved in all-Russian and international exhibition projects since 2012. Her works became laureates of professional competitions in China, USA, Germany, Thailand, Russia.