Alexander Oshlakov
05\10\18 – 18\10\18

"The miracle of states turning into one another, this miracle of turning a sluggish caterpillar, a blunt pupa into a tender beautiful butterfly, deeply touched a man, became for him a likeness of his own spiritual transformations, gave him the hope that someday he would come off the ground and rise into the illuminated spheres of eternity. ”

E. Eppley, psychologist

There are people on Earth - they are different men and women who meet with each other, have different relationships, create or destroy world orders, seek out meanings. The sacrament of the relationship between a man and a woman is always a different story, made up of a multitude of inexplicable nuances. When representatives of opposite sexes meet and get involved in each other - they enter the path of transformation. Like a caterpillar, each of them turns into a beautiful butterfly through the released internal energy, laid down by nature.

The transformation of a person in the context of the exhibition project A. Oshlakova is a process of changing the body, soul and consciousness, which results in reaching a new level of interaction with the surrounding space and conscious living and getting experience.

The exhibition project consists of 17 pictorial works-images made by tempera on a hardboard, shows the mutual movement of men to women / women to men - depending on which side the viewer begins to get acquainted with the exhibition. The culmination of this movement is a meeting that triggers a personal transformation. The author marks the transformation through the symbol - the butterfly, a work consisting of two parts, which does not speak of the complete unity of male and female, but appears only at the meeting of two beginnings.

Developing in the chosen representative of the opposite sex, each person discovers the opportunity to free themselves from negative experience and become a happier and stronger person. So, he or she finds his place in the world and harmonizes with him, giving himself the opportunity to become free from his own delusions. In a global sense, finding each other, men and women, transform not only themselves as individuals, but also develop the natural line, transform life processes.

This visual statement by A. Oshlakova helps us return to a basic understanding of the essence of gender relations. Considering these different images, each viewer has the opportunity to think about the randomness \ non-randomness of finding \ the absence of a loved one next to him. What kind of butterfly will or will each of us already become?

Anna Galeeva,

curator of the exhibition projects of the creative space ArtEl