Katerina Brenchugina
10\10\18 – 18\11\18

In 2018, one of the most popular themes is pictures and photos of cats. Funny and cute pictures really help to cheer up. There is even an opinion that our Novosibirsk is a city of cat owners. Shelters, specialized cat cafes are opening, animals are loved and always striving to attach a street kitten in good hands.

A caring owner wants to tell him what a beautiful and cute pet he has, he puts photos on social networks: here is a cat playing with his favorite toy, and here the owner with a favorite read a book together.

As a student at an art university, Katya is used to documenting her surroundings in sketches and sketches. And social networks in our age help to declare themselves, show their skills, so that many works get into instagram for everyone to see. The topic of cats was also interested in Katya. BUT! How can an artist with his manual work now compete with endless photographs, filters, digital processing?

УдThe artist sets a task for herself: how can you depict one cat in 20 different ways? It is necessary to interest the viewer, to show unusual visual techniques. There are both graphic works and paintings made with acrylic and watercolor. The artist is experimenting with the composition, with the popular flashy color combinations.

‌Workings get instagram with various hashtags that draw attention to the unusual interpretation of the popular theme of cats. The artist explores the topical problem: can a drawing compete with a photo, what is the future path of manual labor in the dominant digital environment?

Despite the fact that the works presented in the exhibition, depict a simple life anecdote, understandable to everyone (even a person without a pet), despite the fact that the works are mostly an interpretation of random photos, the viewer can interpret them as works of fine art. The simplicity of themes and showiness of performance give reason to think about a series of works as a modern naive art. The stripes on the back of the cat vaguely resemble Rousseau's floral motifs, the presence of the animal in his works refers to Pirosmani.

The reflection of the public response can be found in the comments to the posts with the works in instagram: someone writes that the artist's letter style reminds Kirchner, “Beautiful!” - Motyu is praised by others.

The exposition is divided into two parts: on the right side the original works of the artist are exhibited, on the left side there are screenshots from the instagram network with comments, likes, and hashtags. Parts of the exposure can be viewed both individually and in pairs, both parallel to analog and digital environments.