From search to discovery

The history of the literary festival "White Spot"
Khvorova Daria, Valery Panov, Andrey Kurchenko

The All-Russian Literary Festival “White Spot” annually brings together brilliant writers, famous philologists, popular journalists, literary critics and editors to satisfy the ethical and aesthetic hunger of the reading audience.

The name of the literary festival is inspired by the novel “The secret of the white spot” by Mikhail Mikheev, but today it is interpreted more widely and symbolically - as the personal space of a person who has a constant need for a new reading experience and vivid literary impressions. That is why the participants of the festival are the most diverse writers: experienced masters of words with large print runs, popular bloggers who have found their audience in the “network”.

The main component of the exhibition “White Spot: From Search to Discovery” was the comic-story of designer and architect Darya Khvorova, telling about the main stages of the festival from 1994 to 2017. 25 works are located on the two walls of the hall and have serial numbers on red stickers - in this order the author offers to get acquainted with the exposition, learn the characters and recall the most important moments of the story. The central place of the exposition is taken by a retrospective collage of black and white photographs taken during the festival days from 2010 to 2017. Here you will find festival guests, library staff, organizers and partners. In the center of the object is a white spot (festival poster), which is filled by people from the world of literature. The transparent boxes contain the books of the participants of the festival in 2018 and 2017: Sergey Zotov, Alisa Ganieva, Gennady Prashkevich, Yana Wagner, Leonid Yuzefovich, Alexander Snegirev and others.

The slide presentation contains textual and visual information about the participants of the White Spot festival in 2018. You can sit in the comfort zone and get acquainted with the biographies of the authors in an interactive format. On the opposite wall, the atmosphere is supported by a projection of black and white photographs narrating the chronicles of the festival.

Objects from the “Myth Algorithm” series by Andrei Kurchenko are located in glass cubes. These heroes push each viewer to individual reflections on life and the roles in it. Heads-objects are accompanied by copyrighted texts of Andrey, therefore you can match verbal and visual images.
Meet the exhibition, immerse yourself in history and become members of the White Spot All-Russian Literary Festival.

Anna Galeeva, curator of the exhibition project

For reference

Khvorova Daria, graduated from NGUADI in 2016 (Department of Urban Development and Landscape Architecture), Instagram: @alodasha
Kurchenko Andrei, artist, curator of exhibitions, concerts and festivals, thinker and creator, Instagram: @ kunstler123